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Limited quantities!!  Colors and consistency will vary with Oops + Outs Softies. 

Oops + Outs is our collection that we sell for a discounted price for any reason below:

  • Scent samples that we're considering carrying in the future (So give us your feedback if you like it!)
  • Discontinued packaging
  • Discontinued scent
  • Testing new colors, scents, formulas, packaging, etc.
  • Made a small mistake on the product (i.e. crinkled label, cosmetic damage to package without damaging product, etc.)

Load up on as many as you want because it's unlikely you'll find it again in the Oops + Outs collection...especially at the discounted price!

How to use:

Squeeze a small amount of wax into your favorite wax warmer. Burn in 2-4 hour increments.

When the scent is depleted after several uses, allow wax to cool and solidify. Wipe out and dispose of in trash. Refill warmer with more Softie wax.

 Tip: Since aromas rise to the ceiling, turn on a ceiling fan to better circulate scents throughout the room.

 Phthalate free | California Prop65 compliant