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There is nothing like the smell of leather. Fresh Oiled Glove has a realistic, rustic leather scent that is genuine and rich, and it's one of our top sellers! Your Softie will last a long time because it only takes a little to go a long way.

Collect all the Softies in the Baseball Collection and enjoy many different amazing scents that we associate with our favorite American pastime!

How to use:

Squeeze a small amount of wax into your favorite wax warmer. Burn in 2-4 hour increments.

When the scent is depleted after several uses, allow wax to cool and solidify. Wipe out and dispose of in trash. Refill warmer with more Softie wax.

 Tip: Since aromas rise to the ceiling, turn on a ceiling fan to better circulate scents throughout the room.

 Phthalate free | California Prop65 compliant