Stadium Air Softie | Friday Night Lights Collection


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Scent: What does football stadium air smell like to you?? We hunted high and low and consulted with plenty of football players and fans to find the perfect scent...and we found it! Oh, it's good!! Stadium Air has an interesting blend of acorns, hazelnuts, and outdoor air. All our scent testers loved it and said it's the perfect scent for Stadium Air!


How to use:

Squeeze a quarter size amount of wax into your favorite wax warmer. Burn in 2-4 hour increments. Add more as needed depending on your strength preference and room size.

When the scent is depleted, allow wax to cool. Wipe out wax with paper towels and dispose in the trash. (Do not pour down drains or toilets.)

 Tip: Since aromas rise to the ceiling, turn on a ceiling fan to better circulate scents throughout the room.

Phthalate free | California Prop65 compliant

Hand poured in Oklahoma.